Viking Workshop is a private workshop. For many years I have been creating exclusive jewelry made ​​of pure silver, reenacting
it with absolute accuracy based on archeological findings or ancient sketches from museums, as well as making personal design jewelry.

Customized approach to the creation of jewelry

Young people who feel the awakening of their ancestors` spirit show a particular interest in the culture of ancient Slavs and Vikings. It happened to me 10 years ago when I decided to devote all my spare time to studying ancient artifacts, mythology and traditions of pagan Europe. I have put all acquired knowledge in the creation of jewelry and amulets of Vikings and Slavs, precisely replicating it reenacting them exactly - or adding my own vision, using different styles, from the style of Urnes to my favorite Mammen style.

The entire production process - making asketch, molding, waxing, casting and finishing and sometimes 3D modeling - is concentrated in my hands and in the hands of experienced and talented artists (my colleagues) who put their souls into work they do.

We create jewelry with the responsible people who live for their occupation.
Infused with the energy of ancient jewelry, filled with love and respect for traditions of ancient peoples, these products will become your talisman, bringing luck and protecting from adversity.

At this moment we can offer the following types of jewelry for men and women: 

  • Handmade pendants in bronze, 925 silver and gold;
  • Handmade 550 USA paracord and leather bracelets;
  • Handmade rings;
  • Handmade chains;
  • Handmade knives.
In the process of creating jewelry we use the original ancient art of weaving, including "link in the link" (Viking Knit), "loop in the loop" and others.
When ordering a product from us, you can be sure that you’ll get a perfect, 100% handmade item that we take pride in, which was made especially for you – jewelry is available upon request. For this and many other reasons, our jewelry can become a great purchase for you or a unique gift for a close person.