Posted on 23.12.2017

In striving to give all the best to the little ones and make our children exclusive in one or another way, we pamper them with the best toys, dress in the best clothes, feed with the healthiest food, and give them unique  names from the literature and history, or even from games and TV shows. If you’re racking your brain in search how to call the upcoming baby, we offer you to remember or learn some legends from the Norse mythology honoring the greatest and the most fearless warriors and gods, that could inspire to make up a name for a new member of your family.

  •         Ragnar Lodbrok was a legendary Viking, a hero of old Norse sagas rumored to be the descendant of Odin.
  •         Bjorn Ironside, one of Ragnar’s sons, the legendary King of Sweden, fearless warrior renowned for the raids on France and England as his father.
  •         Ivar the Boneless, another son of Ragnar Lodbrok, a furious commander and the leader of the Great Heathen Army.
  •         Eric Bloodaxe, the King’s of Norway son. On his way to inheriting the throne, he had to kill his many brothers, thus obtaining the name.
  •         Rollo was the first ruler of Normandy. His byname ‘Walker’ implied he couldn’t be carried by the horse for being too heavy and had to walk.
  •         Sweyn Forkbeard, the King of Denmark and England.
  •         Freyr was the god of prosperity and fertility in Norse mythology.
  •         Eric the Red got his name for his passion for killing, though it didn’t stop him from being a great explorer, finding and colonizing Greenland. With the second Eric in a row, no wonder this name became the most popular one of the Norse origin used by the parents of different nations all over the world.

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