Posted on 26.04.2018

Keeping the top position as the most popular accessory among women and men, bracelets have been developing their meaning from the symbols of belonging to certain culture or religion to simply decorative elements completing one’s daily image. In some way, they’ve been imposed to us through the history from the ancient times.

Even now, bracelets sneak to our lives through different entertainment and business units, beсoming a pass to clubs, concerts, festivals, various events, serving as keys in gyms, water and amusement parks, and being trendy merchandise and souvenir.

Bracelets are definitely the easiest-to-add accessory that fits everyone and is never excessive if the wearer knows the basic rules of combining styles. If you are not sure that you are on the right way, the main rule to remember is better go minimal with it.


8 Cool Bracelets For Men

Keeping in mind that bracelet is a trendy accessory suiting both sexes (let’s recollect the Bronze Age when it first appeared in men’s fashion, and so on), this jewelry is a perfect choice to complete the image of a businessman, opposed to the widespread opinion that only movie characters, actors, designers and people of art wear them. Bracelet would be a perfect finish detail to emphasize your individuality in the world of strict rules and black suits.

The designs represented in our list are the coolest pieces we’ve found for you to wear in 2018.

  • Brown leather or cord bracelet works well with casual style,  blue jeans and shirts, but not for formal occasions. Take any width, you can even combine several thin cord pieces, but try to avoid redundancy. Leather bracelet can be decorated with patterns, inscriptions, can be woven, or can be complemented with metal elements. In Viking Workshop we have a good example of a leather bracelet with sterling silver crow or wolf.
  • Simple metal cuff or bangle bracelet, can be stainless steel, white or yellow gold, and sterling silver. Classic accessory adding more strictness to the image.  Perfect choice for business look.
  • Chain bracelet would be perfect for those who want to emphasize brutality. Such jewelry is always in trend and would also suit business image. The form of the links may vary from classic oval or heart to more complicated figures.

  • Double wrap bracelet would fit almost any occasion, top stylish choice. Either metal or leather, or even a combination of these two, this bracelet is the top style of 2018!

  • Paracord bracelet for those who value practical part of the accessory in addition to decorative one. Paracords are unique bracelets made for the survival purposes and turned into a stylish accessory.
  • Anchor bracelets are still in trend. Popular and affordable woven ones of different colors or stylish high-end leather that would attract much attention to the wearer.
  • Beaded or stone bracelet. Can be manufactured or handmade. Made of wood, stone, or gemstones would suit perfectly casual style.
  • Carpe Diem bracelets are gaining popularity in 2018. Variety of designs available on the market from thin cord and leather ones with cut-in inscription to metal models. After Veni-Vidi-Vici, which in some cases can be taken too pretentious, this seems to be more universal latin phrase to put on your wrist Will suit perfectly minimalistic style.