Posted on 27.02.2018


Playing an important role in daily and especially war time, the Norse symbols carried a special meaning for Vikings endowing the warriors with ultimate power, women with fertility and protecting them all from all the misfortunes they could encounter. No wonder, there is so much enthusiasm around the jewelry with Viking symbols, for people want to get blessings from the Norse gods.


Yggdrasil – the nine worlds tree can be compared to the Celtic tree of life. In many pagan cultures, the world was seen in close interaction with nature. In Norse and Celtic cultures it was supported by the tree piercing all of the living things with its branches. Yggdrasil was considered an essential link of connecting the nine worlds with Asgard (gods’ world) and Midgard (humans’ world) guarded by Jormungandr the serpent among them.The tree symbolizes life and wisdom. You can find beautiful Yggdrasil jewelry in Viking workshop online store.

Odin Symbols

There are many Nordic symbols connected with Odin, the father of all gods, god of war and death, the most respected, powerful and most frequently appealed to in the Norse mythology:

The valknut symbol. Today this mystical sign is associated with the uninterruptible cycle of life. It has three interlocking triangles linked into one pattern without a beginning or an end. Some scientists call valknut Hrungnir’s heart in honor of the slain warrior described in Edda Prose. The valknut was often seen near the depicted Allfather or one of his animals, so the most popular theory pays tribute to him welcoming and honoring the brave warriors, who died in a battle, in Valhalla.

It was not extraordinary for a highest ranked Vikings and kings to have ravens as pets. These animals were sacred. Ravens Huginn (meaning thought) and Muninn (meaning mind or memory), Odin’s messengers, denoted his almightiness and omnipresence and provided protection.

Another animal famous for being connected to the god of war is his faithful horse Sleipnir. Many myths and sagas have a mentioning of Allfather riding this eight-legged horse. The image of Sleipnir helps to find self-confidence, indicates luck in travel and hopes for the eternal life.
Horn triskelion or the triple horn, represents three interlocked horns. The symbol denotes wisdom and inspiration. It originates from the myth where Odin took part in a quest for the sacred mead. Today jewelry with this symbol is popular among the followers of Asatru faith, the religion that was derived from the Norse era.

Gungnir – the spear of the god Odin. Once thrown by him to start a war, Vikings made this traditional to fling the spear before the beginning of the battle to earn the god’s favor. Gungnir returned back like Thor’s Mjolnir returns to its owner.

Thor’s Hammer

Mjolnir, the weapon of ultimate power, the hammer of the god of thunder. It symbolizes power, strength, and protection. This is the most popular Norse symbol of Viking age, which was preserved by them in Christianity, worn by people of all ages from birth to the very death.
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Runic Symbols

Runes could be put anywhere: on the weapon, clothes, face and skin and were powerful protective signs:

The helm of awe and terror or Aegishjalmr (meaning shield and helmet) – along with the triskelion is widely used in Asatru, but is aimed to grant protective power. In Norse culture, we can find the mentioning of the sign in numerous sagas, where Vikings put it on their armor and weapon as well as decorate their faces drawing the sign between the eyes to terrify the enemies.


Vegvisir compass is decorated with runes. It resembles the helm of awe but has quite another meaning. It is a magic compass that was supposed to be helpful for the lost Vikings in finding their way back home.