Posted on 10.05.2018

Paracord bracelets are relatively new invention that came up from the average U.S. family (the state of Florida) who didn’t hesitate to immediately patent this promising accessory consisting of feet of woven nylon cord and a clasp. Advertised to be a useful part of your survival kit, parachute cord bracelet first was aimed to raise interest in people regularly coming out in search for adventures and extreme. Widely used by the tourists, hunters, fishermen, sailors; unexpectedly, this simple piece took a fancy to fashionistas around the world becoming a classy complement to any style daily look. Paracord bracelets are used by governmental services for rescuing issues and by simple people as a watch band or jewelry.

It is an easy DIY piece with hundreds of variations due to the different colors, types of stitches and daily invented methods of weaving the knots.  

Paracord DIY Tutorial

You don’t need many materials to make paracord, just learn how to do different knots. It would be shameful at least not to try this handmade gift worth your time.

You will need: Parachute cord 550 (1 inch of woven bracelet is about 1 foot of cord), tape measure or ruler, scissors, lighter, buckles.


Step 1. Measure your wrist. Put the cord around it and check the place where it intercrosses. Measure it with a ruler or measure tape, use the information above to find out how much parachute cord you need.

Step 2. To attach the cord to the buckle, find the center of the cord. Holding the ends together, take the center of the loop and pull through the end of the buckle, then pull the loose ends through the loop and tighten up the cord.

Step 3. Take the second buckle and pull the loose ends through it. Find out where your bracelet will end: you need to put the second buckle to the length of your wrist from the first one.

Step 4. We will use cobra stitch for the bracelet knots. We start making knots from the side of the second buckle. You now have 4 strings in front of you. Take the left one and thread it behind the center strands. Cross over the top of the right string. Take the right one and cross it over the center strands making it go through the loop you made by the left string, tighten up. Take the right string and put it under the center strands. The left one will go under the right string, over the center strands finishing through the loop made up by the right string. Tighten up. To weave the whole piece just proceed knotting alternating sides. Don’t make too tight or too loose knots, try to keep equal spacing.

Step 5.When you come close to the first buckle, to finish the bracelet, trim the cord ends and burn them a little with a lighter so that they melt and you could glue them together. Be careful and try to avoid burn.

The work is done, enjoy your handmade paracord bracelet! If you need a cord, cut or tear the melted ends, unweave the bracelet and use it. There are plenty of stories with more and more coming daily on how to spend the feet of rope.

Different Types of Weaving

After you find the basic cobra stitch easy, try some other methods of weaving to diversify your bracelets.

  • Combine types and colors of cords. You can take a thinner cord and knot it with standard one to get a unique pattern. Use two colors to make a bracelet more colorful.
  • In ladder stitched bracelet you will basically use the well-known cobra stitch adding a thin cord into the knots to make up an intricate pattern.
  • Twisted design. Take two cords and twist them finishing with a simple knot at the end. If you make this one with two colors, it will look even more attractive.
  • Despite the final versions of braided and fishtail paracord bracelets remind of easy-to-do hairstyles, it will take some time to get used to the new type of weaving and knotting, but they look peculiar and would certainly satisfy the needs of the handicrafters a bit tired of standard pattern.

You can find more designs here.

Viking Workshop Paracord Jewelry Pieces

In case you don’t want to lose your time for handmade stuff, you always can order one perfectly woven handmade piece from Viking Workshop exquisitely decorated with Viking jewelry.

  • Minimalistic black paracord bracelet with sterling silver Mjolnir for casual and business look. Custom handmade piece to suit your wrist. Use the most powerful weapon in the universe to succeed with your endeavor.
  • Runic paracord bracelet, out of 24 choose 3 runes  mostly corresponding to your needs. The unique weaving of the piece will attract attention of the most demanding admirers of paracords.
  • Red and black paracord bracelet with sterling silver axe – the classic strictness to complement your brutal image and remind the competitors of your severe attitude.
  • Colorful pink and blue bracelet with bronze Mjolnir for those young people who want to stand out and express their optimism and positive attitude through their bright and stylish accessories.

Parachute cord bracelet would be a perfect gift for men and women, choose the accessory with meaning of your favorite style.