Posted on 23.03.2018

Having no opportunity to go to the jeweler and measure her ring size would make a man call for desperate measures. Either she knows or doesn’t know that you’re going to propose, there are two ways to measure her ring size, both aimed to exercise your ingenuity to get the results.

Some Tips Before We Start

The task would be not an easy one, but before you start, remember the following:

  • Measure finger you want the ring on, don’t forget that fingers are different in sizes with the dominant hand’s usually larger.
  • Fingers are a little bit swollen by the end of the day, sizes can vary during cold or hot weather as well as after sport time, such results can be misleading, try to do the research during the daytime if possible.
  • Take two measures: right under the knuckle and at the base and choose in between size.

Two Easy Ways to Measure Your Ring Size at Home

  1.   The simplest way to find out the size is to take a ring from her collection (one that suits finger you target). Quickest thing is to take a ruler and measure the inner diameter of the widest part of the ring. Compare the results with the following chart and you’ve got it!

     Having a little more time gives you a chance to check the size with the help of our prinable size chart. Just put her ring over it, putting the matching circle inside the ring.

  1.    If she is not the type who wears rings or you don’t have access to her jewelry, think how you or someone you trust can help you do the next steps to determine her engagement ring size:

Step 1. Take a measure tape or a thin strip paper as a ring sizer (you can also use a string that doesn’t stretch, a ribbon, a piece of rope, or even a dental floss).

Step 2. Wrap it around the base of the finger (not too tight) and mark the place where it overlaps with a pen or a pencil.

Step 3. Now that you have the results, look for it in the ring size chart. And good luck with the proposal!