Posted on 28.03.2018

Each young couple that is looking forward to undergoing the wedding ceremony has its aspirations and thoughts concerning the smallest details connected with this memorable day. The engagement ring presents the very beginning and a symbol of an endless link of the two made in a circle, that is why so much meaning is given to this little piece of metal attracting everybody’s attention.

The trick is no one would give you the right answer for the question on how much you are supposed to spend on the engagement ring you can proudly put on her finger. The old two months salary rule, which actually was a successful marketer’s maneuver or the engagement calculator based on the information you give concerning your life and entertainment expenditures seem to be outdated. No one today would advise you to purchase engagement ring on the spur of the moment or take a big debt in order to buy a diamond one. Statistics show that guys make at least 6-month research before choosing the best ring that would suit both their fiancés and finances.

How Not to Ruin Her Expectations

Your beloved and her family probably are waiting for a classic engagement gold ring with a big prominent diamond? Or do her parents wish to keep the family traditions and preserve an antique heirloom for their only daughter?

There are many scenarios for your own love story. Maybe she doesn’t even know that you are going to propose and waiting for a romantic gesture? Then, think more about the proposal, you should get an insider within her family or friends who will help to make sure you are going in the right direction. Some girls don’t really care about such formalities, for they are in love with a man, and the ring or the proposal doesn’t matter. There may be types sharing a man’s thoughts of the practical part of the event, as a young family like yours may need this money in future: to buy a house, a car, to save for kids, and for their education. You are her man and are the only one who knows what she would be happy about.


General Rules About Budgeting for Engagement Ring

It is your wedding coming, so don’t use the outdated information, make your own rules based on the experience of generations:

  • Think about monthly savings when you are at the beginning of your research. At least, roughly plan the budget. According to statistics, people expect to spend from $1000 to $5000 to buy engagement ring, while the average ring costs from $5000.
  • Mentioned above, we would not advise taking a debt when starting a new family. Neither debts nor fresh credit will make your future wife happy, especially, by the time you decide to marry her, you can already have the student loan you still need to pay off.     
  • Make a list of priorities. When choosing an engagement ring, you should definitely take into account her expectations. Sometimes, a girl is yearning for a diamond ring, a classic turn imposed by the talented marketers long time ago. Sometimes, the proposal matters, not the ring itself.

Ways You Can Save Money and Your Future Budget/Marriage

We would like to share some tips with you for buying an engagement ring of her dream and not ruining your financial future:

  • Online shopping. It is not a secret that everything today can be bought online, but did you know that you can save on buying a ring online? Diamond ring from online retail trader will cost 30-50% less than if you go and choose one in the nearest jewelry shop. Online stores don’t have to pay lease, look carefully at the cost and methods of shipment , probable taxes, return policy. Find a reputable retail seller and read the reviews not to get into fraud.
  • Don’t buy the ring during the hot season. The time beginning with Thanksgiving and till the Valentine’s is the most popular period when the prices on rings are higher than regular ones.
  • Think about her individuality. Why not choose another gemstone or several pretty little stones with a bigger one in the middle (let it be a diamond or something else)? A classic gold band with a meaningful inscription in the inner part, or one of an intricate design in form of chain or tree branches. Choose something that is in fashion right now, you always can update later if you don’t like it anymore or tired, or consider it outdated. If she wants a diamond, there is no way you can save much here, check the next tip.
  • When doing the research, read more about 4Cs: carat, clarity, cut and color of a diamond. It can help to save you a lot, because the diamonds not corresponding to certain standards, differing in shape or brightness just a bit from it, would cost less.

Remember that your engagement ring is only the beginning, it’s not the whole wedding you are going to plan together, but it is an investment in future. Not meaning that you should sell it someday, but meaning that no matter how much you spend on it, it is your attitude towards her and her desires. The way you prepare and choose it matters for her and would make a foundation for the further relationship.