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These Scandinavian people are obvoluted in a halo of mysticism and secrets. The Vikings are well known today thanks to old Norse artifacts found on a vast territory. Modern scientists with a great degree of optimism contend that many secrets of the warlike people have been unraveled. Nevertheless, the present mysteriousness that hovers over the mentioning of the Vikings and the ancient Norse artifactі itself, give scientists a hope for new, maybe even more sensational discoveries.

Where did the Vikings come from?


Many of the riddles of the ancient people are related to jewelry and it happened not by chance. After all, the vast majority of male and female jewelry are associated with the notion of supernatural forces. Mystical tendency has been outlined since prehistoric times, when various rings, earrings and other rune jewelry were used to scare off the forces of evil, to evoke spirits, as talismans. The Vikings were not the exception too.

These mysterious people could be hardly judged unequivocally. As ancestors of the Germanic tribes who moved to Scandinavia about 2000 years before the beginning of a certain era, these brave warriors, from the beginning of the 8th century, made barbarian raids on neighboring states: England, France, Ireland, this information is evidenced by the early and late Vikings artifacts. For several centuries of its existence, the brave people have mastered the tactics of swift raids. Mobility was the main military ruse of Scandinavian warriors, which is confirmed by the ancient Norse artifacts.

Unique Viking Jewelry


The culture of the ancient people, despite the different theories, where opinions about Vikings are expressed in the way they appear as barbarians, are full of interesting mysteries and secrets. The Scandinavians honored their gods and were able to smelt fine jewelry artifacts out of gold and other metals, these jewelry depicted: animals; birds; human figures.

The Vikings were famous for their skilled craftsmen in the manufacture of beautiful medallions, bronze brooches, gold bracelets with various refined patters. Vikings wedding jewelry are also worthy of admiration. By the way, jewelry was worn by all without any exception: girls, women, men and even children.

However, as evidenced by the ancient Vikings artifacts, only wealthy people so known as the elite, possessed adornments of precious metals. Numerous pendants, bracelets, necklaces made of gold and silver served them as amulets and at the same time emphasized their respect for the gods: Heimdall, Odin, Freyja, Thor. Each Viking, who had jewelry of ancestors, believed that these jewelry items would bring him not only knowledge and strength but also a good fortune.

Ancient Viking Jewelry


Special attention to various amulets was shown by warriors and travelers. In difficult times they asked for the mercy of the gods, for example, before a fight or a long journey. A vivid example of such an adornment of the Viking Age is the hammer of Thor pendant. This talisman served other purposes too. The newlyweds put under their bed such a charm right after the wedding so that the gods gave them many children and protected from the evil forces. But the amulet was most often worn around the neck and it was believed that the hammer necklace was endowed with a huge mystical power against the enemies and forces of darkness.

It was made as a frightening weapon but it was also decorated with intricate patterns and runic symbols. A special magic power is possessed by the hammer necklace with a Viking helmet. Being the personification of the Scandinavian god of war and thunderstorm, it combines more than protection from misfortunes, evil forces and artful enemies. Among simple peasants, the hammer of the Thor symbolizes fertility, and for the sailors it is the embodiment of storm, lightning and wind.

Viking artifacts for sale


Today, many ancient Vikings artifacts are found, which allows scientists to draw conclusions that these ancient peoples were not bloodthirsty barbarians capable only of wasteful raids. The distinctive culture of the ancient Vikings can be judged by various amulets, talismans, and the reconstruction of the jewelry is making at an active pace.

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