Posted on 5.06.2017

In the world of jewelry items, pagan jewelry designers stands apart. Original and distinctive – they without fail can attract attention even of those people who are far from heathen beliefs. And, it must be admitted that there is a demand for such jewelry items, and what’s more, every year it only grows.

Widely essential ethnic motives belong to the heritage of different peoples and different periods, but the most famous, perhaps, were the pagan pendants of the Vikings, the Celts, and the Slavs. These products differ considerably inter se, although in Celtic and Scandinavian items the common motifs are observed.

Pagan adornment’s features


Our ancestors, who lived many centuries ago, constantly wore sterling silver pagan jewellery, gold, tin, copper and other metals. At the same time, such accessories were an integral part of not only the female but also the male image. The fact is that the aesthetic component was not in the least for wearing jewelry adornments. The pagan symbols ingressed in each individual product belonged to one or another divinity, which was worshiped by all people.

Wearing such pagan pendants, necklaces and other adornments (in our ancestors’ judgment) brought humanity closer to the gods, gave them powerful protection and support in many undertakings. For this reason, pagan symbols for love, protection, courage, family happiness are widely known.

No doubt, those times are far in the past, but even today there are many who want to get a silver pagan pendant, ring, bracelet or other types pagan design jewelry.

On the one hand, such jewelry items are really splendid. The dainty work of professional masters is able to transform a pagan ring or bracelet into a real work of art. Thus, the Helm of Awe (the Viking`s symbol) on the suspension or on the ring is accomplished not coarsely and schematically but is supplemented with meshes of Scandinavian patterns adorning the jewelry item and enhancing the action of the main symbol. The result is a completely unique pagan necklace, which can bewitch and attract the attention of others.

One can not ignore the fact that our ancestors believed in the power of pagan ring jewellery, pendants, bracelets and, whatever changes the human worldview has undergone, the desire to find support and help from the higher forces will always remain.


The variety of pagan jewelry items in our days


Pagan jewelry designers have put a lot of effort into making it possible for everyone to choose a suitable piece of white gold pagan jewelry, silver or another metal.

  • Pendants and suspensions. As well as many years ago, these kinds of adornments are considered to be in the most demand. The main secret is that silver pagan pendant an be worn by both men and women. The difference is only in the symbol represented on the item.
  • Pagan jewelry. Coulomb accompanied with an elegant chain – a stylish accessory for any modern image.
  • Rings. Jewelry-fanciers of such sterling silver pagan pendants can choose pagan jewelry rings with the image of the helm of awe symbol, Kolovrat and many other symbols.
  • Bracelets. An accessory worn on the wrist is found to be with the image of any pagan artifacts and images.