Posted on 7.06.2017

Decorations with a present-day design are ingenious items that are able to conquer with their originality and innovative way of thinking of its authors, but every year there are more and more people wishing to buy exactly the ancient adornments of heathens. Among all the jewelry items, adornments of the Slavs, Vikings, and Celts are of high demand.

Of course, these decorations are much plainer and laconic than modern jewelry, but it is the intricate patterns are present, which by the way distinguish the jewelry of these peoples from the mass of others, at least a silver chain of Vikings is alone counts for a lot.

Pagan gold jewelry


Every nation who propagated polytheism (in other words, belief in many gods) had its own culture, values, and way of life. For this reason, their adornments differ distinctly. However, the main types of them can be identified:

  • suspension – one of those varieties of jewelry that was common to almost every people;
  • necklaces – among women they could be met in different variations;
  • bracelets – such jewelry items were worn even by men (among Scandinavian warriors, bracelets were a symbol of manifested heroism in battles or a successful military dealership);
  • pagan jewelry rings of this type were frequently decorated with stones;
  • brooches – some peoples were using these type of items to fix clothes;
  • earrings.

Craftsmen engaged in the manufacture of medieval pagan jewelry put a lot of effort to make the finished product alluring and fetching by appearance. However, the desire to decorate one’s personal body is not in the least goal the heathens tried to achieve. In fact, the primary importance task is protection against dark forces and troubles.

Jewerly metals: their features


In every piece of jewelry (be it earrings, pendants or bracelets), pagans were putting immensely a lot of sense. What does it mean?

Each divinity had its own symbol in the mythology of the particular nation. Vikings, Celts, Slavs and other nationalities of the past years believed: it is worth bearing the image of the divinity’s symbol constantly with you, and this god will without fail provide protection and will grant help in different deeds. Thus, the helm of awe viking symbol, it can give the warrior fearlessness and strength besides to frighten the enemy.

In particular, for this reason, these secret symbols were embroidered on clothes, engraved on weapons and, of course, used in the manufacture of pagan pendants, pagan necklaces, and other ornaments.

Pagan metals


Speaking of the materials of manufacturing jewelry items, it should be noted: they were of great importance and could well strengthen the action of the amulet or talisman. In different cultures for the creation of jewelry could be used:

  • bones;
  • timber;
  • tin;
  • copper;
  • bronze;
  • silver;
  • gold;
  • precious and semiprecious stones.

At the same time, above all the estimated ones were jewelry made of metals. Moreover, wearing these or those kinds of pagan silver jewelry, rings or coulombs directly depended on the welfare of the jewelry owner.

Adornments : silver pagan pendant, sun wheel pendants


These metals can be called notably frequent materials for the manufacture of the jewelry items. We succeed to know this from excavations and some written sources. In this case, mostly the bronze viking pendant and tin could be seen on the poor people. This applies to both the peoples of Scandinavia and Rus. As for the Celtic jewelry items, there are no specific characteristics of affiliation with social statuses, and it is only possible to judge the distribution of these metals from archaeological findings.

Jewelry made of pagan silver


This metal is taken into the consideration as lofty not only in modern days – heathens used it extensively for making original and intricate adornments. It is worth noting: silver bracelets, pendants, earrings were, for the most part, a privilege of well-to-do notable citizens. It is understandable, sumptuous brilliance and white “clean” surface are able to refine any (even the most simple) product. It is for this reason that in many peoples silver was considered as “lunar metal”.

In addition, according to the pagans, silver sterling bracelets has even a stronger effect, so the owner will certainly be given protection and all kinds of help from the divinity.

Jewelry made of heathen’s gold


Pendants made of gold may be a match for sterling silver pagan pendants. Such luxury as a pagan gold ring or necklace was available only to the elite. More often such an expensive jewelry items were worn by the nobility and the soldiers especially distinguished themselves in battles (the fine example is known warriors of the Vikings).

Why does this metal earn such a glory? The point is that gold from time immemorial has been considered as the metal of the sun and was invariably identified with great power, the patronage of the gods and incredible opportunities in all spheres.

No less important was the secret power of this metal – any divine symbol in the amulet (helm of awe symbol, Kolovrat or any other in heathen cultures) will work many times stronger if it is made of this solar metal.

As of today, it does not matter in which estate the person is reckoned among – absolutely anyone can buy white gold pagan jewelry. No less choice is waiting for connoisseurs of sterling silver pagan jewellery.

Exuberant and diverse decorations of pagans in modern execution look more than worthy. The only thing to remember about when buying – this is the correct selection of the symbol. And let it have been about 1000 years since the Viking days, and the Celts did not even live until our era – there is no need to neglect the secret possibilities of gold and silver pagan pendants.