Posted on 2.06.2017

In the distant past, when paganism reigned on earth, people worshiped numerous gods (each people had their own divinities). Facts about pagans were related to different civilizations and nationalities polytheism was in so-to-say use in ancient Egypt, Rome, and Greece, also in Scandinavian countries, by Celtic peoples and in Russia (before Christianity came there).

Gentile’s symbols


Talismans and amulets are particular pagan symbols that belonged to one or another god. These symbols (drawings) were applied to clothing, shields, and weapons of soldiers, with the image of gods were made pagan pendants, rings, coulombs, earrings, bracelets and other adornments. Thanks to this, the inhabitants of ancient and medieval settlements not only decorated themselves with jewelry. But they also derived the defense from the pagan rings and pagan necklaces.

In each people, there was a pantheon of gods, among which were, as the creatures of a higher array, as many others (including white, dark and even mortal gods). And each of these gods corresponded to special symbols, which are now successfully used in the manufacture of pagans jewelry.

TOP-5 symbols of the Vikings


The mythology of the Vikings is based on the belief in the existence of numerous gods, who are able to give ordinary mortals reliable protection and all kinds of blessings.

  1. Valknut (Knot of the Fallen, Heart of Hrungnir). This symbol should be named in the first instance since it is he who symbolizes the god Odin, the Greatest Father of the Aces and Warriors. The symbol Valknut is plexiform of 3 triangles that are enclosed in a circle. This pagan pendant personified the unity of the worlds and was intended primarily for the soldiers it can defend them in battles and gave intrepidity and courage.
  2. Thor’s Hammer (Mjölnir). Such gold pagan jewellery   slightly resembles a rough-made anchor. Mjolnir was a powerful weapon of Thor a powerful thunderer and defender of all people and Gods from ferocious giants. Most often this symbol was used in the manufacture of pagan protection pendant,  pagan rings  and they were intended for soldiers as protection and assistance in battles.
  3. Helmet of Terror (or Agisyahalm). This symbol is ranked among the strongest, so the Vikings often used it to pagan silver rings, pagan necklace charms and pendants. The one who wears the amulet with this symbol becomes a valiant, determined and gains courageous spirit. Warriors, with this amulet, believed in a successful outcome of the battle because Agishejalm was suppressing the enemy (served as a pagan symbol of power).
  4. Triskellion (Trefot). Quite often you can find a pendant or a ring with this symbol made of sterling silver pagan jewelry. It is represented in the form of three spirals, which converge at one point. Anyone who possessed such a pagan symbol of luck permanently could achieve his goal and did not meet the obstacles.
  5. Yggdrasil. It is an incredibly elegant and attractive pagan symbol of the tree of life. This century-old ash tree connects all the worlds existing in Scandinavian mythology.

TOP-5 symbols of the Slavs


Many will be able to name merely 1-2 Slavic symbols, in actual fact, there are much more of them.

  1. Kolovrat (symbol of the solstice). It is simply impossible not to point to this strong pagan symbol of protection from evil powers since it had a really great significance. This symbol is closely associated with such deities as Perun, Svarog and Dazhdbog. The person who possessed such a pagan ring designs  or pendant with rays of the sun on it, received: protection from evil forces, connection with gods, profusion and pure thoughts.
  2. Valkyrie. Silver pagan pendants with this symbol were considered as one of the most mighty and potent. The Valkyrie symbol is a complex solar sign (notably, associated with the movement of the sun, longevity and eternal life). Such silver and pagan goddess pendant were intended, mainly, for the soldiers, since the main purpose of Valkyrie is to protect the native land and close people.
  3. The Star of Rus (Star of Svarog). Such a symbol has a direct connection with the supreme god Svarog who created other gods and also created life on earth. This is a complex symbol, which, according to one version, means a forge and the tongues of flame that comes out of it (Svarog was a farrier in the heavenly farriery). Such a pagan symbol necklace on it meant freedom, honor, justice. The female version of the amulet is the pagan jewellery silver Star of Lada.
  4. Bogovnik. This covert symbol is the embodiment of 4 elements and sides of the world (by the number of angles). The Slavs firmly believed that the Bogovnik represented the enhancement of the inwardness principles, could strengthen faith in the light gods. Silver and pagan ring jewellery  with such a sign helped a person to reunite with nature and the Universal manifestations.
  5. Svadebnik. The symbol was often used to decorate gifts: earrings, rings, and sterling silver pagan pendants . This most powerful amulet principally symbolizes the union of two genera. That is why it was often used as a heathen symbol for love. Husbands who possessed such an amulet could brag about their strong family, protection from adversity and venomous tongues and fertility.

Top-5 Celtic symbols


Celts, as a nation, appeared before the BC. Their worldview and heathen symbols were later partially adopted by other peoples and used in sterling silver jewelry items.

  1. The Celtic cross. This is perhaps the most famous symbol of Celtic culture, where equal sides of the cross are enclosed in a circle. With the pagan rings jewelry with such a symbol, a man could feel his protection from evil forces and could acquire great wisdom.
  2. The Celtic knot. According to the legend, this knot can be neither undo nor cut, in addition, it is considered to represent infinity. The image of the Celtic Knot on weapons and shields allow us to reckon it among pagan protection symbols against evil.
  3. Trikvetr. The ancient Celts quite often used such a solar sign, which symbolized the movement of the sun and was part and parcel with the harmony of the universe. Currently, Trikvetr is one of the most favorite variations of the design of heathen rings and pendants, which gives the owner prosperity and harmony.
  4. The Tree of Life. The mythic tree reaches the roots of the underworld, and its branches reach the sky so, the three worlds turned out to be united. Pagan necklace with elements of the Tree of Life gives its owner strength, might and spiritual improvement.
  5. Trisquel. Spirals that converge at one point no less popular sign of the Celts. Each spiral symbolizes one of the elements (fire, water, air). The state of balance of these natural forces gives the energy of life, protection from troubles and composure. Heathen’s pagan symbols for love with the Trisquel sign look really unusual and attractive.