Posted on 26.12.2017

Viking Female Names 


Viking Female Names

How to Choose Unique Baby Girl Name

How hard it is to choose a name for a baby girl, or is it? One would say the most extraordinary and unusual ones are taken. We would argue that, bringing to light old and for that reason probably forgotten girl names of Norse origin.

Our ancestors wanted their children to get certain characteristics with the words they were called. Viking names are mostly complex having two parts where each one conveyed a certain concept. They consist of a pinch of gods’ blessings, a few drops of bravery and strength to succeed in a war for boys, or beauty and love for girls. Norse folk was faithful as any medieval people, which is proved by the prevailing number of ‘god blessed’ names. In addition to blessings or elements ensuring success in war, boys were called as animals not to compare, but to give the exceptional features of one or another creature. Girls were given love and fertility in one of the parts, which is logical, for the priority role for a woman in the Viking Age was to provide the unbeatable army with new warriors at the same time keeping hearth and home. Sometimes they added strength, fight, war, battle, or protection parts.

Modern parents slightly differ from the Norse people in their search for unique names endowing their children with particular qualities.

Thinking how to call the future baby the most interesting part would be to find out the meaning of these elements.

Norse Female Names Meaning

Depending on the power you want to give to your child, look through the list of the Norse names and we wish it will help you to find the one that would suit her best.

First, go through the separate elements the majority of them consist of:

  •         Arn – eagle.
  •         Name starting with bjorg was believed to bring protection to its owner. In modern English can be shortened to borg.
  •         Dagr goes for day.
  •         Dis element stays for goddess.
  •         Frey is derived from Freyr and Freyja god twins, who were responsible for fertility and prosperity according to the Norse mythology.     
  •         Frid means beautiful.
  •         Gunn or guunr – war.
  •         Hildr – battle.
  •         Ing in Germanic names went for ‘god’.
  •         Rún – secret.
  •         Sigr – victory.
  •         Stein – stone.
  •         Thor or tor element was used to indicate that the owner of the name was protected by Thor, but the Norse people never called children as gods being afraid of enraging them.
  •         Unna goes for love.
  •         Veig is strength.

It is not forbidden to make up your own combinations, but we insist on you being careful with playing on words, here are some of the Viking female names:

  •         Arna and the derived complex forms – Arnbjorg, Arndis, Arngunnr.
  •         Bjorgfrid, Bjorgunn, Bjornhild.
  •         Dagbjorg, Dagrun, Dagfrid, Daghild Dagveig.
  •         Gunnbjorg, Gunnfrid, Gunnhild.
  •         Hildebjorg, Hildeborg, Hildegunn.
  •         Ingrid, Ingun, Ingirun.
  •         Sigrid, Signhild.
  •         Steinunn, Steinhildr, Steinbjorg.
  •         Torhild or Thorhilda,  Torunn, Turid, Thorbjorg.
  •         Unnhild, Unnfrid.

Not necessary to give something hard pronounceable to a child, choose a ‘light’ short form names. As an example, there are well known: Frida, Freya, Hilda, Helga, Inga, and rarer ones: Unna, Gunda, and Arna.

No matter what you decide naming your child, most important to give him or her your love and attention.