Posted on 3.08.2018

The two circles with the central small one linked to the big one via twelve sig rune rays are known as the symbol of the Black Sun (Schwarze Sonne in German) indicating the infinite power and energy. Through the history the symbol in its numerous ways of depictions found its place on the items of clothes, jewelry, utensils, weapons, and coins attributive to the representatives of Indo-European culture. The remains with this image were found scattered around the world, many of them left by the Norse people and Celts. From the ancient times associated with the natural phenomena of sun’s absence on the sky during nighttime and eclipse, with the course of time, Black Sun became notorious for its use in alchemy and occultism later on acquiring strong connection to Nazi ideology.

Secret Meaning

  • The ancients tried to explain natural processes with gods’ interference, giving the usual physical and astronomical phenomena special meaning. Sun’s absence on the sky after the sunset connoted balance between the light and the dark, connecting the living world with that of the dead. Sunrise meant rebirth, renewal of life.
  • The theory on the existence of two suns stated the gold one giving us light, energy, and warmth and its dark side taking it all away. Sometimes the dark one predominated which could be confirmed with eclipse making the sun literally black. People believed that eclipse brought great changes or even could lead to the end of the world. It is mentioned in myths of different ancient cultures, in John’s Revelation and in Nostradamus Predictions; after all, it is regularly repeated in children’s fables.
  • The Black Sun is a well-known alchemic and occult symbol. Alchemists used this term to indicate the first phase in creation of philosopher’s stone: Nigredo or Blackness meaning the purification of the black matter, transmitting into a new state (new life), a rebirth. You can meet this term in psychology implying the individual’s depressive state, crisis, or breakdown which precedes personal renovation.
  • In occultism Black Sun was associated with a black hole serving the center of power concentration. It was used by the Vril and some other secret societies for magic occult rituals almost a century before the Nazi Party made it a principal idea of their worldview.


Another name of the Black Sun most closely describes associations arousing when seeing this symbol – Sonnenrad or sun wheel. We are used to see this sign in a form of two circles: a smaller central circle drawing its twelve spokes in the form of sig runes to the bigger one embracing and protecting the image. If we peer, we will notice that it looks a lot like three overlapped swastikas. No wonder, for Black Sun has always been closely connected with the ancient symbol of fylfot (meaning ‘four foot’, another name of swastika) as the latter being one of Schwarze Sonne earlier variations.

Swastika has been found on the pieces belonging to Indo-European and adjacent cultures: from drawings on the walls of caves in France to Buddhist and Tibetan relics and manuscripts, Japanese temples, to Viking weapon and jewelry, to Native Americans garment, Finnish Air Forces, Greek priests’ clothes. The symbol was considered sacred and implied the power and protection coming from cosmos in a form of this infinitely swirling in four directions sign. For some people it was important how to represent the symbol: clockwise or anticlockwise and depending on the culture, it either denoted positive meaning such as luck and success or negative appealing to the dark forces.

In the Norse culture, swastika was linked to the god of thunder and lightning Thor, god of sun Freyr, and Odin Allfather for symbolizing strength, fire, and the cyclic nature of life and death. Vikings wore jewelry decorated with fylfots and runes for protection: pendants, necklaces, and rings. Thor Hammer amulets also were popular to have an image of a few fylfots on it.

Jewelry pieces with swastika were worn by the representative of many ancient tribes. The number of rays varied depending on time and nation. Among the findings with fylfots, archaeologists found Germanic brooches much resembling the Black Sun.

Along with Vikings, Slavs had the symbol similar to swastika. Kolovrat (spinning wheel) was a Slavic symbol for sun, brining the same meaning of strength, fire, and rebirth. It was carved on wood, embroidered on clothes and painted on houses to protect from evil spirits. Kolovrat was also carved on gravestones to give peace to the dead and grant opportunity for reincarnation.

Black Sun during the WWII

Today Sonnenrad became popular in the form we know it based on how the Nazi demonstrated and interpreted the symbol, while the name itself – Black Sun – appeared after the WWII. In the secret Nazi residence of Wewelsburg Castle located in Westphalia region, the leader of the SS Heinrich Himmler ordered to compose a mosaic sign of Sonnenrad on the marble floor of general’s hall in the north tower. The symbol was made of green marble with golden center reminding of sun. It was located right over swastika on the ceiling of the crypt below where mystical occult ceremonies were regularly held. The sign and what it symbolized perfectly suited the principal ideas of the Aryan race supremacy strongly promoted during the Third Reich. Some people say that the sun is formed from three swastikas, though the twelve spokes coming out from the inner circle and their form relate the more complicated story. Heinrich Himmler gathered the twelve officers – heads of the different SS branches – at the round table he ordered to install in the meeting hall. The room also had twelve niches and twelve columns in it. He didn’t choose this number by chance, he equated them with the Camelot knights residing in the castle at the round table, disciples following Jesus, meaning the proximity of the Aryan race to God, and the gods in the North mythology where SS borrowed many of the Nordic symbols. The rays of Black Sun are made in the form of sig rune (s-rune) standing for sun and victory. Later it was used separately by Nazi along with the runes Tyr, Odal and several other to apply in daily occult rituals. The Sun representing the center of the world was supposed to endow the Nazi with energy and power to overcome the obstacles on their way to domination and proclaim their leadership.

All of the theories around the symbol of Black Sun confirm the idea based on something new coming (from simple understanding of dawn to the more complicated – of the master race superiority), some great changes capable of turning the world upside down. Despite being strongly associated with Nazi and their followers by people not knowing the whole history of the symbol, it shouldn’t fill the wearer with any negative sense, until he or she is seeking for it. The Black Sun certainly gives the strongest protection and power to the one wearing it, helping to find and develop the new hidden talents of the personality.