Posted on 3.06.2018

Magnificent Viking unique pendant designs

Tired of commonplace jewelry pieces in the shops? Want to treat yourself to something unusual? Need a jewelry item that will catch the eyes of people around you? Then the Viking unusual pendant necklaces crafted by our artisans is what you need.

100% guarantee of uniqueness.

Here you can order unique pendant necklaces featuring the image ofthe supreme god of the Vikings, the ruler of Valhalla and the master of the Valkyries – Odin. Made of bronze and sterling silver, these pendants will not only emphasize your uncommon taste, but will also provide protection from the hardships of life and the jinx of the enemies.

Unique pendant featuring the image of Thor’s Hammer is a popular item in a new interpretation

Jewelry with the image of Hammer of Thor are especially popular among fans of the Nordic tribes. Through myths and contemporary films, Hammer of Thor became one of the symbols of the ancient Vikings. The Nordic tribes considered it a symbol of protection and wisdom. Hammer of Thor pendants were worn by soldiers and sailors for confidence and good luck. Here you can order several options of Thor’s Hammer unique pendant necklaces made from sterling silver, 925 gold and bronze with exclusive chains.

Only in the store you can find several variants of popular Norse amulets.

You can order the unique pendant designs with delivery to any place in the US and Canada. This item as well as other unique gifts from viking-workshop are shipped within a few days in the original box – that is, you will receive a ready gift. Each pendant comes with a CD with Scandinavian folklore music enclosed and other bonuses.

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