Posted on 3.06.2018

Viking axe head pendant meaning victory and success in all endeavors, was an inherent part of military apparel in the days of Norse mythology. Every Viking carried with him a similar protection from evil spirits, which also helped him win in battle and return to his tribe with his shield and not on it.

Today Viking axe pendant enjoys the same fame and popularity. It is believed that such accessory is available only to the brave and strong, who are ready to deal with any and all obstacles that arise in their path. It is not surprising, that fans of Norse mythology treat this jewelry with due care.

Have you been long looking for a reliable amulet, that can protect you in trouble and bring luck? Viking axe head pendant is perfect for you!

The pendant can be made of silver, bronze, or gold. Its outline is extremely beautiful, since we use the latest technology in the production of our jewelry. Or, you might want to go in a different direction and consider the pagan necklace from Viking workshop.

Viking axe pendant for women and men

The viking-workshop online store has a wide selection of striking and stylish jewelry using the Viking axe theme. This axe was the main weapon used by the North Germanic people to defeat their enemies. Later, the image of the axe came to be depicted on jewelry and charms, which brought the soldiers luck and victory in battle.

Previously, such accessories were only available to warriors, but today they can be worn by any fan of Norse mythology. Select the model of the Viking axe pendant you like in our catalog, and we will deliver it to any city in the United States or Canada.

Could not find a model that meets your demands? Would you like an accessory in a different design? Viking-workshop specializes in the production of Viking axe pendants and a grat range of chains made to order. All you need to do is contact us, talk to our designer, and we will soon send you a sketch of your custom-made item.