Posted on 13.10.2016

Fall Jewelry:

Unique styling and recreation of luxury jewelry of our ancestors

The history of the ancient peoples of Europe is rich and versatile. The Vikings, Celts, and Slavs – all of them had their own vivid and unique history. And even though their era had long gone, the important reminders in the form of jewelry and amulets have survived to our day. These products are fascinating with their grandeur and elegance, their ornamental patterns represent a work of art, and many myths only reinforce the image, giving them a special, divine value.

You will find the popular styling and replicated jewelry of the Viking, Celtic and ancient Slavic eras on VikingWorkshop website. Complete adherence to the original works, careful selection of the materials and responsible approach to business – that is our secret to creating unique jewelry.

The fall is considered the most romantic time of the year. Evening walks in the fresh air, home get-togethers with tea and dessert. It is at a time like this that we want to treat our loved ones to a gift from the heart. Below you will find the seven most popular jewelry this fall from the craftsmen of VikingWorkshop. Making these gifts is strongly recommended!

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Backbone Ring means bravery and courage!


Legend says that…

This extremely popular ring in the form of a human spine was considered a decoration among the ancient Vikings warriors. It is known that the ancient peoples of Europe were not famous for their humanity, and quite often, the most valuable things belonging to the enemy, or the enemy himself became a trophy. Although the Vikings did not actually take out the backbone, the ring in its shape, decorated with a red stone (symbol of blood and flesh), enjoyed great popularity among warriors, sailors and hunters.

The Backbone Ring has not lost its value today – it is to be given to real men only, who treasure bravery and courage above all else. Here you can order the Backbone Ring made of silver, white and yellow gold with delivery to anywhere in the anywhere in the world.

This fall only, you can save on a unique gift for your loved one. Fall discount on all products of the ancient Vikings is your chance to surprise the person you love while saving a bit of money!

Learn more about the Backbone Ring using the following link:

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Ouroboros pendant (snake biting its own tail) is the ancient symbol of the Vikings with a modern twist


Legend says that…

Ouroboros – a coiled snake biting its own tail – a popular symbol known to mankind since ancient times. Images of this symbols can be found throughout the world, though no one can pinpoint its origin, but there is no doubt: Ouroboros depicts eternity, cyclicity of life, constant rebirth and death. Ouroboros symbol is found in almost all cultures: in Scandinavia, it personified the sea serpent that was destined to kill Thor in the final battle of Ragnarök.

A pendant made of precious metals with the Ouroboros symbol will definitely be to the liking of your closed ones. Forming an endless circle, this product contributes to the accumulation of vitality and Universe energy. The pendant with the Ouroboros symbol is recommended for people who are in a difficult stage of life, or are facing a difficult choice.

Our craftsmen have recreated the popular Ouroboros symbol as an elegant pendant made of sterling silver and gold

Using the interface you can choose the size and material of the product, as well as arrange delivery to anywhere in the US, Canada and Europe. Go to the product page for more information:

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The popular Rough Thor’s Hammer pendant – Feel like a true Viking!


Legend says that…

Hammer of Thor is the iconic symbol of the ancient Vikings that has survived till our days. None of the Norse myths is complete without the hammer of Thor, and thanks to the latest Hollywood blockbusters, even a child knows what this weapon of the gods looks like. During the excavations of the early Middle Ages the Vikings jewelry in the form of Thor’s hammer was a common find, so there is no doubt as to its value for the Vikings.

Our craftsmen have reconstructed the ancient samples of Rough Thor’s Hammer pendant, which was an important part of the Viking’s mage hundreds of years ago. The present jewelry completely repeats the patterns that had been found deep underground. This makes it really rough and brutal, but it does not negate its noble charm and splendor!

You think that Rough Thor’s Hammer pendant will make a perfect gift for your better half? Learn more about the product on our website:

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Rough Viking (Thor) Axe pendant made of sterling silver – iconic handmade jewelry


Legend says that…

In the era of the Vikings, when each time a person left home could turn into a deadly adventure, an axe was a must-have for every Viking. The Axe is universal weapon, intended both to protect from and to attack the enemy. Ancient samples of the Viking axes found during excavations were covered with amazing runes, which, according to legends, provide gods’ protection from curses and monsters.

We recreated the samples of the ancient Viking axe – the ornaments and style have been fully maintained. This gives the product a certain charm, reminiscent of its belonging to a glorious people. Here you can order the Rough Viking Axe pendant made of 925 or 950 sterling silver.

The signet ring looks exquisite on the owner’s hand, emphasizing his/her boldness and courage. According to legends, a ring with the hammer of Thor makes for a great charm against evil spirits. In addition, this amulet will help the wearer find the strength to overcome any obstacles in his path.

The Rough Viking Axe jewelry is perfect for both women and men. The product weighs only 11 grams and it can be worn on an everyday basis since its appearance does not fade over time.

Fall discounts from will help you save up to 10% on the Thor Axe pendant. Interested? You can learn more by clicking the button:

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Magnificent set with Viking Axe using floral ornamental pattern



Legend says that…

The now legendary Viking Axe set is in high demand among connoisseurs of exclusive jewelry. The Viking Axe with floral ornament was first found during excavations near the village of Mammen, Central Jutland (administrative region in Denmark). As suggested by historians, this product could be worn only warriors and sailors – the most important people in the life of the Nordic tribes.

Set with Viking Axe is especially popular among our customers. Consisting of a massive silver chain with tips in the shape of a wolf’s head and Viking axe, they provide its wearer with noble greatness. Viking axe set makes a wonderful present to the stronger sex. A massive chain and majestic form of the Set with Viking Axe can once again emphasize a man’s brutality and masculinity.

To take a closer look at the product, choose the material and the length of the chain, click on the button below:

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The majestic Viking Ring is an arbiter and a witness of thousands of battles on your hand



Legend says that…

In Norse the ring was a symbol of eternity, connection with the ancestors and higher powers. Only warriors could wear a ring made of precious metals. The Viking received a golden ring for a successful battle, which significantly elevated his status in society.

Craftsmen of gave free rein to their imagination and created a Viking ring just for you. The product is a stylized image of the brutal Viking: a face with a beard, with deep lines, wearing a helmet with floral ornament. It gives the impression that the Viking has fought in thousands of battles, seen a lot of hardships and setbacks, but still came out a winner!

You can view different options of the Viking Ring on the website. For details, click the button below:

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Amazing Ram Ring – for all fans of the vivid and unique



Legend says that…

The ram is one of the favorite images in Norse mythology. The Great God of Thunder Thor rode through the sky on a team of rams and the Vikings associated the Aries image with fertility, homey feel and domestic life. And it’s easy to explain: wild rams were easily domesticated by primitive tribes, and they were often the only source of food and warmth.

Our craftsmen have taken on the task of stylizing this popular image, creating an elegant and unique ring. The resulting product weighs only 12 grams, easily fits on the finger and is perfect for teenagers as well as brutal bikers.
Go ahead and order the Ram Ring as a gift for a special occasion, since you will not find this item elsewhere – all products are handcrafted, which guarantees uniqueness and high quality.

Learn more about Ram using the following link:

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