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Men’s silver Viking bracelets - protection for you and your family

High quality, unique Viking silver bracelets for sale - do not miss the opportunity to get an unforgettable gift for a loved one!

Jewelry held an important place in the lives of the ancient Vikings. It usually had a special meaning and was not allowed to be worn by just anyone. For example, men’s silver Viking bracelet was given to warriors for victory in battle or a successful hunt.

A distinctive feature of Viking silver bracelets is the size and a particular pattern. The explanation is very simple - the more and the bigger it was, the higher caste of the wearer it represented. A lot of bracelets from the Viking Age have survived till our age. The store has a range of exact copies of these products, with the same pattern, same size and shape.

Are you a fan of Norse mythology? Then you should be familiar with the legend of Fenrir wolf - the archnemesis of the Nordic gods. The Vikings wore amulets depicting Fenrir to scare off their enemies.

Here you can order the silver Viking wolf bracelet made of 925 sterling silver

Viking sterling silver bracelet is a unique gift for any event

Here you can order Viking bracelets and other sterling silver bracelets at the best prices with delivery to anywhere in the world. Together with the purchase, you get a branded gift box and a CD with folk songs of the Nordic tribes.

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