Inside Circumference (MM) Sizes (US & Canada)
49.32 5
49.95 5 1/4
50.58 5 1/2
51.21 5 3/4
51.87 6
52.50 6 1/4
53.16 6 1/2
53.82 6 3/4
54.51 7
54.82 7 1/4
55.76 7 1/2
56.45 7 3/4
57.15 8
57.65 8 1/4
58.21 8 1/2
58.72 8 3/4
59.34 9
60.38 9 1/4
60.98 9 1/2
61.64 9 3/4
62.33 10
62.89 10 1/4
63.46 10 1/2
64.21 10 3/4
64.97 11
65.50 11 1/4
66.22 11 1/2
66.73 11 3/4
67.51 12
68.14 12 1/4
68.77 12 1/2
69.43 12 3/4
70.15 13
71.00 13.5
71.7 13 3/4
72.3 14
72.9 14 1/4
73.6 14 1/2
74.2 14 3/4
74.8 15
Collection Viking Workshop

Paracord Bracelet with Silver Mjolnir (Red+Red/White/Blue dotted)

  • Product Code: 550-plated-red-white-blue
  • Availability: Made to order
Size guide
  • $69.00


It has never been so easy to buy Paracord Bracelet with Silver Plated Mjolnir

The Paracord Bracelet came to fame in the XX century with the invention of parachutes. The paracord is a synthetic material that is resistant to fire and water. It is used by the military, survivalists and hermits in the most daring situations. Professional parachute cord bracelets can be untied in a matter of a few seconds resulting in 1.5-meters of high-quality rope, which can be used for ignition, setting up camp, wound dressing, etc. To create Paracord Bracelet with Silver Plated Mjolnir we use one of the most popular options of the parachute cord. It became very common in the US Armed Forces and can withstand a load of 550 pounds (249 kg).

Paracord bracelets from viking-workshop are decorative. Available in red, red-and-white and red-and-blue color schemes, these bracelets will be the highlight of your image. The latch on the bracelet is made in the form of Thor's hammer, covered with floral ornament. Thor's hammer served as an amulet to our ancestors protecting them from harm and curses. Ancient Vikings always took it into battle and during hunting, because it ensured the protection of the great Thunderer.

Paracord Bracelet with Silver Plated Mjolnir – an elegant accessory for him and for her

Viking-workshop catalog includes several types of Paracord Bracelet with Silver Plated Mjolnir for sale in different colors. The red bracelet is a symbol of a violent nature, the blue is a sign of harmony and tranquility, and the white – of spiritual purity. You can order paracord bracelet with Thor's hammer to any part of the world. The shipment can be easily tracked and should arrive to you in 5-7 days.

Viking-workshop does only artisanal production of the paracord bracelets with the hammer of Thor. Individual approach allows you to get a truly exclusive and high quality product. If you like these bracelets, we recommend you to take a look at the paracord swordknits section.

Paracord Bracelet with Silver Plated Mjolnir (Red+Red/White/Blue dotted)

  • Unique handmade bracelet
  • Made-to-order (you'll get the bracelet which is made individually)
  • Branded box
  • Worldwide shipping
  • Careful packaging

  • Metal: silver plated bronze
  • High quality 550 USA Paracord
  • Mjolnir Weight: approx. 9 g
  • Mjolnir Size: 30 x 22 x 6 mm
  • Bracelet size: 170 mm

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