Eagle Paracord Sword Knot - Sterling Silver
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Sword knot is a practical addition to knives and now an exquisite addition to its design as wellMany things created by mankind in the Middle Ages have not only maintain their popularity for quite a long time but remain relevant even in modern times. ..
Skyrim Paracord Sword Knot - Sterling Silver - Black Color
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Skyrim Paracord Sword Knot - Sterling Silver Unique handmade sword knot Made-to-order (you'll get the item which is made individually) Branded box Worldwide shipping + Tracking number Careful packaging Metal: 925 silver, sterling silver..
Skyrim Paracord Sword Knot - Sterling Silver - Orange-Grey Color
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The orange-grey Paracord Sword Knot for sale from viking-workshop Our workshop offers its customers one of the largest Viking themed paracord swordknits. The sword knot itself is made from the parachute cord - a unique synthetic material that is us..
Skyrim Paracord Sword Knot - Sterling Silver - Red Color
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Skyrim Paracord Sword Knot Sterling Silver is a high-quality and useful productSword knot has always been regarded as an attribute of brutal farmers and lumbermen. It was used in the times of the ancient Vikings. These brave warriors put sword knots ..
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  • Top quality sword knots for sale made by true artisans

    It is known that the Vikings of old were excellent hunters set to chase prey day and night, venturing out for thousands of kilometers in the heart of the forest. Losing a weapon while hunting was a complete disaster, so the humans invented a sword knot – a woven device, one end of which was attached to the ax, knife or another hunting weapon, and the other was worn around the wrist. Back home the sword knot was used as a decoration and an amulet, its woven fabric could incorporate steel skulls, images of raven, wolf, gods, and mythical characters.

    Paracord antique sword knots for sale available in our store can be used both as decorations or amulet, and during hiking trips

    Made of paracord – an extremely durable and resistant material – our sword knots for sale can be regarded as eye-catching decorations, but they have not lost their original function. They can be worn in everyday life, they are attached to flashlights, knives, gadgets, keys and other items that are always at hand. Sword knots for sale designed specifically for hiking are notable for the high quality of their weaving and the lack of unnecessary elements. Such items must serve their purpose without hindering the wearer in any way.

    Eye-catching antique sword knots for sale from viking-workshop.com are a tribute to the traditions of the ancient Vikings

    No one else in the online market can offer you antique Viking sword knots for sale

    Here you can order a Viking sword knot and other unique gifts to be delivered anywhere in the US and Canada – quickly and at a reasonable price. To discuss the details of purchase and get more information about this product, please contact our online consultant, or use one of the following methods:

    E-mail: workshopviking@gmail.com

    Skype: Viking_Workshop.