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Necklace animals: getting the wild power

Animal symbolsAnimal symbols are of huge importance in human life. Wearing jewelry animals is a way of self expression and self awareness. Moreover animal symbols greatly improve our understanding of human nature reminding a person where is the difference between an animal and a human and in which points we are still much alike. Both humans and animals are unable to resist nature powers as droughts or hurricanes or eruptions of volcanoes. Still humans are able to scientifically predict weather changes, while animals foresee and forefeel the crucial changes of nature due to the powerful instincts of self preservation. Humans do not have the physical power the animals do. Animal protective amulets as wolf necklaces are used as means of spiritual and personal entity and identity. Animal signs were used across various cultures and periods of establishment of a modern world and society. And though living in technocratic world we still believe in the supreme powers and forces and ask protection. Animals show us how we would live if we take certain things and aspects of life simpler and easier. There are much we must inherit from the animal world today. As having gone through thousands of years of evolution as we, humans, have, animals have not lost dignity. But human society have turned into something cruelly and scary.

Animals have been widely mentioned in legends, myths, ancient traditions and religions of various cultures around the globe. When we talk about animal jewelry the three most common and the most wanted symbols are:

Our online authentic pagan jewelry store offers wolf pendants for sale, dragon jewelry and phoenix bird jewelry. You will find pendants and wolf necklaces in various shapes and forms to choose from. Moreover we offer a wide assortment of accessories as chains and cords to buy for a pendant you will choose. We offer only high quality hand crafted accessories and pendants made with your comfort and convenience in mind.

Wolf pendant symbolism

Wolf pendant

The symbol of wolf has endured numerous misunderstandings and misinterpretations as well as many stereotypes.

A common misbelief is that wolf symbolizes ferocity or terror, however since the ancient time the symbol of wolf has been understood as a sign of strength and extreme loyalty, leadership and protection. Among other meanings prescribed to wolf symbol there are commonly mentioned:

  • generosity
  • loyalty
  • intelligence
  • friendliness
  • compassion

One of the major concepts of the wolf symbol is fidelity and loyalty.  The wolf is instinctively loyal creature.

All of these traits are taken from the hundreds of years of observing the behavior of this wild creature. It is generous in family relations, brave when protecting the family, intelligent when strategically planning hunting. First mentions of Wolf symbols were in Rome culture with the founders of Rome.

Norse culture interprets wolf as a symbol of victory of good over evil. In Celtic culture the wolf symbol is a source of insatiable lunar power.

Wolf jewelry is widely presented in our store. You can choose custom wolf necklace for men or wolf pendant to get the protection of this wild animal.

Dragon pendant symbolism

Dragon pendantDragon pendant is considered to be one of the most powerful protective amulets. This symbol features many meanings and represents many powers and emotions. The key meanings a dragon symbol carries are fortitude, courage and physical and spiritual strength. Dragon is a huge but greatly balance mystical creature. That is why another meaning of dragon sign is immense balancing of physical and spiritual parts of human being wearing a dragon necklace or pendant.

In ancient cultures dragon creature was considered to be a master of four key nature powers as air (in earlier interpretations air was referred to as wind), fire, water and earth. This creature is considered to be the most powerful guardian and protector.

Our store offers you a great choice of custom and crafted unique animal jewelries in a variety of shapes and designs. You will surely choose the best pendant or necklace to show others your inner position, your power or to get protection from mighty wild creatures.

Phoenix bird jewelry symbolism

Phoenix necklacePhoenix bird is another symbol widely used across cultures and ages. People often referred to this creature to get protection and wisdom. The meaning of phoenix has varied from culture to culture.In Chinese culture the phoenix bird means honesty, grace and virtue. In Persian culture the symbol of phoenix bird is regarded to mean fortune and compassion. In Egyptian culture the bird represents the God of Sun – RA and thus acquired all its powers and mights. In Rus culture the phoenix bird is understood as a symbol of youth and immortality. Native American culture understands the symbol as power and victory of good over evil. There are numerous interpretations of meanings of wild animals. The fact is that a human has always searched for protection of mighty animals.

Wearing a necklace or a pendant with a sign of a powerful wild creature will add you inner power and will strengthen your stamina.