Triquetra Celtic Symbol Sterling Silver Pendant Stylization
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Stylish Trikvetra pendant - a perfect accessory for the everyday image of a man or womanTriquetra Celtic Symbol Sterling Silver Pendant Stylization viking-workshop can rightly be called a universal purchase or gift. And all thanks to the Triquetra sy..
Celtic Knit Ornament Sterling Silver Pendant Stylization
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Celtic Triquetra Symbol Sterling Silver Pendant Stylization
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Celtic Triquetra Symbol Sterling Silver Pendant StylizationUnique handmade pendantMade-to-order (you'll get the pendant which is made individually)Branded boxFree 700 mm cordWorldwide shipping + Tracking numberCareful packagingMetal: 925 silver, ster..
Small Celtic Cross Sterling Silver Pendant
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Small Celtic Cross Sterling Silver Pendant Unique handmade pendant Made-to-order (you'll get the pendant which is made individually) Branded box Free 700 mm cord Worldwide shipping + Tracking number Careful packaging Metal: 925 silver, ste..
Celtic Cross Sterling Silver Pendant Stylization
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Celtic cross is a symbol of the centuries-long wisdom and a projection of the human desire for epiphany. Everyone has undoubtfully once seen a traditional Celtic cross, at least once even if he was unaware of its purport. This symbol is a tradit..
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Celtic necklace: spiritual meaning and protection

Celtic cross is one of the most popular ancient symbols still used in modern authentic jewelry. The sign combines two elements: a cross with its stem being much longer than three other intersections and a nimbus — a circle lying on the intersection of the stems. However there are findings of the equal crosses meaning that all of their protrusions coming out of the circular center, were equal in length and shape. Today ancient Celtic cross is frequently used in various contexts as purely religious and secular so pagan and charms. There are various decorations possible on the ancient items. The most frequently met type of decoration is a Gaelic pattern.

There are numerous interpretations of the Celtic cross. Certain evidences refer to the items as sun crosses interpreting a circle on the intersection as a sign of a life giving sun.

Celtic cross meaning

The Celtic symbols widely represent the mode of traditional thinking, genuine faith, vision and perception of the surrounding world of people of this ancient culture. The true Celts gave the cross the next scopes of meanings. The initial cross was a sign of hope, dignity, honor, life, true faith, unity, eternal balance, spiritual transitions, toleration and temperance, distinct navigation through the world and life as well as ascension. This scope of values assigned to the cross proves that ancient people were eager to cognize and experience the genuine sense of life and the mysteries of surrounding world. The cross offered the cognition of mystery of life in four folds:

  •  self cognition
  •  the cognition of powers of nature
  •  wisdom acquiring
  •  the cognition of divine

The Celts perceived the cross as the spot of integrity of divine energies . The spot of intersection of the cross stems was meant to be the place of accumulation of divine energy:

Celts believed that in the point of intersection of the cross stems the cosmic energy and power resided.

Each branch of the cross symbolized a new part of knowledge and eternal wisdom. A circle in this case symbolized unification of all the world's knowledge and human and nature wisdom. Only in that way ancient Celts supposed it being possible to comprehend the meaning and sense of life. Ancient people believed that every person who comprehended the might of the cross and who understood its secret could palpate the wholeness and the oneness of being. This is the highest goal all philosophical trends are trying to achieve.

Another Celtic cross meaning is navigation through human life and physical world. The cross was meant to be a simple compass guiding every person through genuine spiritual life. The cross is a guide to the real truths of life which are really important. It is like a filter sorting out useless moments of life and pointing to really significant matters.

Wearing a Celtic cross necklace you will get a spiritual navigator through life and life mysteries. Celtic cross pedant can be a spiritual navigator helping its owner to find a proper solution when tossed by life collisions. The cross then will help to re-focus a person's attention as in most cases we get obsessed with things which does not matter anything in life. The cross then moves the thoughts of its owned into a right direction reminding of four wisdoms.

The cross also symbolizes a cyclic navigation meaning a cyclic changes of seasons of the year and transition from one profound Celtic holiday to another: Lughnasadh, Beltain, Imbloc, Samhain. Each of the event was dedicated to a specific season of the year and featured season related activities. The cross reminded of the activities and season transitions notifying a person of the change of the lifestyle.

Navigation in time was another reminder of th Celtic cross. The item reminded of the change of day and night. If considering an upper part of a cross to be a day time and a lower part to be a sunset, then a central circle was considered to be the earth.

Considering the vertical stem of the sign the life was split into two parts: the past and the true future, while the circle represented the initial core of essence of being. The left part of the cross symbolized recollecting and reconsidering of the past events, while the right part of the cross was meant to be the consideration of the future.

The Celtic cross meaning still remains the same nowadays. Its circle is the essence of being, and its four spokes are the presences of world wisdom. The symbol reminds its owner about the significance of being and about what is really meaningful in the life of a human being. It tells about spiritual values helping a person in life troubles to understand where to look and what decisions to make. It empowers a person, strengthens the spirit of its owner.

Owning a Celtic cross pendant will give spiritual strength and will guide its owner through the life hardships helping to overcome any trouble with dignity.

Celtic cross jewelry ornaments and decorations

The most typical silver Celtic cross decoration is an Insular art ornament which is performed with interlacing bands. This type of ornament was widely used across the artifacts of spiritual values of Celts as the Book of Kells. Some Celtic pendants got the ornaments from the Bible scenes. The legend says that such crosses were used for teaching and education while simple crosses were often used as public monuments, like in Christian culture a cross was placed atop of church.

Three main Celtic cross designs

Commonly there are three types of Celtic crosses:

  • Iron Age cross of ancient Celtic cross based on ancient culture and denoting ancient understanding of natural powers
  • Scripture of Bible based Celtic cross denoting the milestones of establishing of religion
  • The mix of the two Celtic crosses – these are the rarest crosses and there are only few genuine examples existing. Though there are numerous replicas and copies of such a design in Celtic cross pendants.

Celtic crosses for sale

Our store offers handcrafted Celtic crosses for sale in various designs and sizes. Each cross features a unique design. There are genuine replicas of Celtic pendant artifacts and findings. Among the artworks of our masters you will find silver Celtic cross necklace and Celtic know cross:

Celtic necklace is a perfect choice for women. The exquisite interwoven bands of the symbol represent the relation of past and future, the unity of spiritual and physical existence.

Celtic pendants and Celtic jewelry are the most popular symbols to get as a personal amulet and charm. This is one of the most philosophical items ever existing among symbols a person can get for protection from evil.

Cross is a unique symbol used across various cultures, ages, religions. However the meaning of cross has always remained the same: the unity of person's past and future, the integrity of spiritual and physical existence.

Wearing a Celtic cross does not contradict any religion. It is a spiritual sign of power and wisdom. The cross can be used as a true guide through hardships of life. When a person looks at the Celtic cross he or she realizes the essence of life through getting the understanding of the sense of life.

Our store offers extensive collection of pagan symbols, crosses, necklaces, Celtic pendants, sterling silver Celtic cross necklace units and accessories to choose a perfect set. You can choose silver chains woven in Celtic style to keep your protective pendant.