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Viking amulets of power, protection and good luck: meanings and values

Norse jewelry is one of the most wanted unique jewelry types. Handmade nordic jewelry is of special meaning and value for genuine connoisseurs of Viking culture. However the items of ancient Vikings will be of great interest and value not only for historians and archaeologists, but to all people who want to get protection from evil eye and forces, to attract luck and to get healed. Ancient people believed that nature powers and supreme forces were of great help for them in severe struggles with enemies and natural disasters. Though in the modern age we do not face vital hazards every day, we do know how to effectively heal our body (thanks to modern medicine) and sous (thanks to psycho-therapists), still we need to know that something else can protect our bodies and souls from evil matters, which unfortunately are not researched by modern science. To know which nordic symbols or norse runes will be the best protection and safeguarding for you, we need to make a retrospective journey into the history and culture of Vikings — the people who passed us the sacred knowledge of nature powers through symbols and signs realized in various amulets. Our store offers a vast choice of pendants, necklaces, bracelets which are exact replicas of ancient archaeological findings.

Vikings history and culture

Vikings are ancient Scandinavian people living on the territory of modern Sweden, Norway and Denmark in the 8th-11th centuries. They traded and raided vastly across the European continent. The history of these warrior people is closely related to the sea. These people are known for their coastal attacks, long sea trips to investigate far lands and trade. Vikings had polytheistic religion, that means that these ancient warriors believed in more than one god. The prime god was Odin, the Vikings also worshiped his son Thor. When a person died the Vikings believed his or her soul coming to one of the destinations: Valhalla for brave warriors who died in battles and Hel for all others. This proves that Vikings were a rather martial nation.

Viings were mostly non-literate people. They did not leave much of literary legacy. As alphabet they used runic symbols which were far more than letters of our alphabet. Norse symbols had more than one meaning commonly presenting an esoteric meaning which were often used in divinations.

The modern knoweldge of Viking history, culture, customs and norse mythology symbols came from other cultures which were in close relations with Vikings. The runic alphabet consisted of 24 symbols most of which feature religious and ritual meanings.

Viking symbols and meanings

The runes of Vikings featured more than one meaning. In this section we will present the meanings of Viking symbols and runes which were widely used in protection amulets and good luck amulets.

Hrunger's heart was first detected as craving on ancient stones. It means knot of slain and signifies afterlife. The three interwoven figures represent rebirth, a start of new life and development of life. This sign is also interpreted as a full cycle or reincarnation. Nine points of these three interconnected triangles are also interpreted as nine worlds. The three triangles are commonly understood as interrelated three realms being hell, heaven and earth.


jolnir symbol is also known as Thor's Hammer is one of the most popular Viking signs used in custom jewelry.

Mjolnir symbol

It is a stylized representation of the Thor God weapon. It means lightning symbolizing divine power. It was believed that this hammer always returned to its owner after it was thrown. The sign was mostly worn as an amulet of power and was believed to empower its owner with divine force. Our store offers a huge selection of protection amulets for sale featuring this symbol and many other viking runes. You will find pendants, rings, necklaces and pocket knives engraved with various signs featuring protective and power rune meanings.

Yggdrasil  is known from Norse Mythology as a huge tree symbolizing the core of the world and the world itself. The original rune also presents nine worlds around the main tree. In modern culture this sign is commonly presented with oak tree or oak tree leaves. Vikings considered the oak tree to be holy. Our store offers you many ancient symbols of power with oak tree or oak tree leaves (Viking rings).

The original Yggdrasil symbol is presented in such a way:


But in jewelry art it is commonly represented in the next way:

Yggdrasil jewelry art

Odin Horn is another popular Viking healing symbol which represents three interwoven horns filled with mead and giving inner powers and healing for physical and soul diseases. The symbol looks like that:

Odin Horn

This sign is commonly used as healing symbols in amulets for sale. Our store presents a variety of protective and power amulets for you featuring the three horns. These are amulet necklace, pendants and rings.

There are numerous other Viking runes which are widely used in norse jewelry and viking amulets. There are runes of inheritance and possession (Odala), the runes featuring nordic symbols of courage and physical strength (as Laguz), symbols of new start and new life, honor, leadership, authority and justice.

How to choose protective amulets?

The variety of meanings of help symbols, power amulets and protective amulets proves that everyone who wants to buy a pendant or an amulet necklace needs to know the meaning and to understand which power is provided by the sign. 

Viking Workshop offers special jewelry. Our masters produce exact replicas of authentic Viking jewelry and Norse symbols. Every jewelry unit is produced strictly keeping to the historical and cultural heritage of Viking nation. The masters do not mix the symbols and signs and reproduce them in the very same way the ancient Vikings wore them. Accurate reproduction of nordic symbols ensures correct interpretation. You will never buy a symbol of evil from our store as the master posses enough knowledge which they inherited from various trustworthy sources to prevent you from wearing improper runes and symbols.

We try to provide exact amulet definition with every item to make sure you get enough data to make a proper choice. 

Our catalog offers pendants, necklaces and rings which are exact copies of fine art of Viking nation. The items look brutal but exquisite. All of the Norse jewelry items are produced from sterling silver and are of the highest quality. 

The items do not change their look and properties with time. Thus you can be sure that your protective amulet, a necklace or pendant will not change its look or get darker with time. All the pieces are durable and solidly made to prevent you from losing your amulet of power. 

Amulet of power

In our store you will be able to choose a complete set of items as rings, necklaces and pendants with the same symbolic meaning or items that perfectly add each other. Our managers will help you to make a proper choice and to buy amulets and healing symbols which will provide you with amazing inner power.

Our ancestors gave great value to signs of nature and gods on their bodies. Now we give you a chance to buy ancient symbols of power, health, courage, good luck and domination. 

All the items are produced in various sizes strictly keeping to the US standards. On checking the item page you will see its size. So you will be able to know how it will look like on your body. We provide exact dimensions of every piece of jewelry.

If you want to wear a genuine Viking symbol, to get protection and power from ancient Viking runes, then our store offers you exact replicas of ancient Viking jewelry. Buying amulets from us you can be sure that you know the correct meaning of every sign and rune engraved on the item you choose.