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Protection and power amulets: symbols, meaning inherited from pagans

Silver pagan jewelry is of great interest as for real connoisseurs of pagan art and culture so for people  who are unfamiliar with ancient cultures and ritual art. Pagans are ancient people outside from Christianity. The term developed among Christians during late antiquity. Paganism is a term covering a wide range of beliefs and rituals, pagans were people following these beliefs and rituals. Pagans believed in more than one god. Paganism excluded monotheism (worshiping of one god). Paganism used many symbols (slavic runes) to reveal their relation to natural and divine powers, to the exterior world, to other people and animals. Symbols were an essential part of pagan culture and rituals. Ancient pagans used symbols not only in religion and rituals. The symbols were widely used in pagans jewelry presenting spiritual connection of physical body, human soul and external spirits. 
Pagans worshiped various gods, nature powers and wore protection amulets to get safeguarded by divine and nature forces. Today you can own one of the good luck amulets and helping symbols which are exact replicas of genuine slavic runes and pagan symbols worn by ancient pagans. Among pagan gifts presented in our store you will find amulet of power, protection amulets, good luck amulets, help symbol items and healing symbols. Let us review the key amulet definition and meanings. Mind that old slavic symbols commonly have numerous meanings and their value and interpretation will vary according the context of usage.

Amulet of power

Power in paganism is presented by numerous animal symbols as dragon, wolf, phoenix, serpents, ravens and others.
pagan amulet of power
In our catalog you will find wolf rings and dragon rings with dragon clows and dragon paws. Animals possess extreme power unavailable to humans. By wearing animal amulets of power people strive to acquire some skills and powers of animals. Moreover, wearing an animal amulet of power a person attracts his or her guardian to protect the owner from hazards and evils surrounding us in real life.

Protection amulets

One of the most powerful protection symbols in paganism is triquetra. This symbol presents a unity of physical and spiritual world, the interaction of mind, soul and body. In the ancient paganism this symbol of unity of real world, underworld and afterworld. Some sources claim this ancient pagan symbol represents the unity of sea, sky and earth. It is a meditative symbol revealing you the sense of life and giving you the understanding of essence of life. 

Pagan protection amulets

Triquetra symbol is available in our catalog. You can order rings and pendants, necklaces. One of the most popular items with triquetra sign is a pagan ring made of sterling silver. 

Good luck amulets

Good luck amulets are extremely popular among customers. Most people are afraid to wear powerful pagan symbols with divine meanings as they do not want to conflict with religion and their beliefs. However good luck charms are «innocent» for any religion thus these good luck amulets are extremely popular among various cultures across the world.
Pagan good luck amulets
Valkyrie is one of the most powerful symbols which should be worn to protect from evil powers and to attract good luck. It is presented with a solar ornamented sign. Our catalog offers pagan rings with good luck symbols. The rings are made of sterling silver in various sizes according US standards. You can choose one of the rings with this good luck symbol and wear it to ensure esoteric protection of your mind and soul and to attract really good luck. This sing is known to safeguard you against back luck. This symbol can be worn by men and women, kids and adults. It is believed to protect you from everyday troubles and worries as losing things, quarreling with friends and  relatives, getting tricked, hurting yourself.

Help symbol

If you are choosing a real help symbol then we recommend Alatyr sign which represents a mystical stone of wisdom. It helps you to distinguish yourself in the world and in the life, it helps you to realize the essence and truth of life. It represents the connection of inner personal soul and the greater divine powers.
This symbol gives you mental power and provides you inner power to struggle against superstitions, hazards and temptations of evil. This sign will help you to live a right life, to find a wise solution to any problem in your life. It is a meditative sign which shows you a star cross.
Pagan help symbol
Alatyr is a complex sign consisting of different signs star of the cross indicating four directions to each part of the world or symbolizing four key environments. The second component of this help symbol is a new life or a woman going to give a new life. Alatyr presents universal force. The symbol features the meeting of old and new, of the past and of the present. It is also symbolic of lunar powers.
Right now you can order a beautiful Alaryt symbol pagan ring. It is a handmade item which is unique in its kind. We guarantee that this ring is an exact copy of ancient findings.

Healing symbols

Healing symbols are one of the most searched after pagan signs which are available in amulet necklace items. In paganism sun was considered as ever healing and recovering force. That is why kolovrats, black sun symbols and Svitovit. 
Pagan healing symbols
Sun was considered a power giving and taking life. It stood for cyclic nature of life, of light and darkness, of day and night, of past and future (everything from the future will be once in the past). The sun heals a soul and sends it back to physical life.
The sun energy was known from ancient times to heal a hurt body and hurt soul. Our Viking Workshop offers you rings and pendants with sun symbols. You can create your own amulet necklace to get ultimate protection from divine and nature powers.

 Healing symbol ring

There are kolovrat and old slavic sun sign pendants which come with standard cords, but we offer sterling silver chains for pendants and recommend our customers to buy a set of pendant and chain. The chains are durable enough to securely hold a pendant you choose. Besides, the chains are more resistant to external factors and mechanical damages.

How to choose slavic runes amulets?

Pagan and old slavic amulets present a great divine and nature power which can sufficiently change a life of a sign or symbol owner. Our store offers amulets for sale which are exact copies of the ancient jewelry worn by our ancestors. Our masters exactly replicate the archaeological findings and try hard to preserve the meaning of every jewelry item.
The symbols can not be mixed as the powers, which the symbols present, can be contradicting. That is why we provide comprehensive information on every pagan symbol and sign for you to make a correct and accurate choice. In most cases the symbols are compatible. You can wear one pagan symbol on a ring and another on necklace. However we strongly recommend to consult experts before mixing various old slavic runes and symbols.
In our store you have a perfect chance to get a complete set. For example, you can choose a certain pagan symbol and buy a ring, a pendant and a necklace in our store, all having the same symbol.
You have a chance to buy all the pagan symbol jewelry items either made of sterling silver or from gold. Mind that gold jewelry items with pagan symbols will feature another price which will be a bit higher. No matter what is the precious metal, the items are handmade.
Pagan jewelry
All the items are of high quality and look the same as you see on images of our catalog. We try hard to present the jewelry as it is in real life for you to estimate the look and the size of every item you are going to buy from our store!
We wish you good luck!