The history of ancient Slavic jewelry

In the pre-Christian era, the Slavic tribes believed in pagan gods, personifying the forces of nature: the sun, rain, wind, fire. Idols and all sorts of ancient jewelry helped them to perform religious rituals.

Why did the Slavs wear amulets?


Because of ignorance or misunderstanding of the principles of the faith of distant ancestors, many contemporaries consider paganism as an alien religion that has nothing in common with moral values. Doubtful statements are only partially true. The ancient Slavs were sure that everything around was alive, mysterious, magical and not always good, so they wore bracelets and Slavic chains as amulets.

Early Slavic culture originally implied the wearing of all kinds of amulets. With their help, people tried to protect themselves and their home from negative, supernatural evil forces. But the Slavic pagan jewelry had another purpose – to attract good energy:

  • good;
  • fortune;
  • love;
  • happiness;
  • fertility.

With the appearance of fashion on the pre-Christian religion, the ancient traditions of wearing Slavic pagan ornaments are gradually reviving.

Jewelry or protection

Our ancestors ground out their talismans from bones, metal, wood, stones. If a bone was taken for handling, then it must belong to a strong animal, for example, a bear. Wooden amulets were made mainly from sacred wood species – birch and oak. However, the strongest magical power was contained in amulets of metal and precious stones.

Necessary amulets were worn in a large amount, especially by women. Slavic pagan pendants, chains, medallions – all of them were an integral part of the outfit of an ancient Slavic girl or woman. Numerous talismans, amulets did not pass for decorations in the literal sense of the word and served only one purpose – to save from evil forces and attract good and fortune. Among the most famous magical amulets of the ancient Slavs, we will consider several the most esteemed pendants and chains.

About Pendants


Slavic pendants had incredible magical powers. Thus, the Star Altar could give the person an ability to quickly master new knowledge. It was worn by wise, clever and intelligent people. The pendant that calls “Star Altar” consists of two symbols. In other words, the eight-pointed star on the shield. This talisman kept his master from complicated intricate situations and always gave wisdom.

Another Slavic pagan pendants is Valkyrie. The amulet was worn for strengthening the strength of mind and persistence of character, self-confidence. It allowed the man to achieve his goals, despite the difficulties and various obstacles. Also, the adornment served as an amulet. Thanks to the energy power that was enclosed in the adornment, the talisman was a barrier against evil forces. Slavic pendant “Valkyrie” defended not only its master but also the house in which he lived, as well as his family members.

Slavic Chains


The ancient Slavic peoples had a lot of various amulets that served them for aegis against various dangers and called upon to luck:

  • from snake bites;
  • assistance in childbirth;
  • causing rain;
  • for successful hunting;
  • protection from wild animals.

Along with pendants, rings, talismans, our ancestors wore Slavic chains. They were made of precious metals and were also considered as amulets from diseases and evil forces.

However, such adornments were only among rich princes, grandees, voevodes, since silver and gold were very valued and was considered a sign of a high status. Silver was revered for its property to disinfect water. It was credited with healing powers. Magical signs were applied on the plates made of a noble metal. Slavic chains made of silver and gold were made for men and women. The links were decorated with runes or beautiful intricate patterns.

Ancient Slavic culture is more extensive than you can imagine. Our ancestors loved everything that surrounded them, honored and worshiped their gods, tried to live in harmony with nature. And every possible talisman helped them with that. The Slavs were given power, wisdom from talismans, they were guarded against failures and evil spirits. The whole ancient life of the eastern and western peoples is the forgotten Slavic sharm.