Mask Ring with Norse Ornament Ring Sterling Silver Unique Handmade Jewelry
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Mask Ring with Norse Ornament Ring Sterling Silver Unique Handmade JewelryUnique handmade ringMade-to-order (you'll get the ring which is made individually with your size)Branded boxWorldwide shipping + Tracking numberCareful packagingMetal: 925 silv..
Revolver Drum Ring Sterling Silver Unique Handmade Jewelry
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Revolver Drum Ring Sterling Silver Unique Handmade JewelryUnique handmade ringMade-to-order (you'll get the ring which is made individually with your size)Branded boxWorldwide shipping + Tracking numberCareful packagingMetal: 925 silver, sterling sil..
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Unusual gifts for the dearest people

Most people stumble upon choosing proper gifts for dear people. These are special unique gifts which should perform more meaning than material value. Wandering around local stores and malls  does not help. Average stores offer the same average gift ideas. But you certainly need something special, a gift which will communicate a message which will be understood only by two people: the giver and the owner.
If you are looking for such unique gift ideas then our store is your best partner on the issue. You will find unique gift ideas for men and women, for young and old. Our store offers a great assortment of unique handmade jewelry: rings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, chains, pocket knives. All of the items are made from sterling silver. These handcrafted jewelry items are of special meaning. 
Unusual gifts

Great ideas for personalized gifts

If you are looking for personalized gifts for men and women. The best way to personalize a gift it to make an engraving on it. We offer various rings and engravable silver bracelets. Out masters will make any engraving with cordial words, dates or events which the gift is given to notify. The bracelets are rings are of the highest quality and are produced from genuine precious metals. There are gold and silver items. 
We process the orders in the fastest way. Our managers will help you to choose a proper ring or handmade bracelet for engraving. 
Unusual jewellery, presented in our store features the highest quality and durability. Be sure that choosing handmade jewelry as a gift for a dear person your present will be memorable. 

Choosing pendants as unusual gifts

Our store offers the best selection of unusual gifts. You will find unique Viking and Celtic pendants made of sterling silver and looking exactly the same as our ancestors wore hundreds of years ago. The pendants are of special pagan meaning as the items carry signs and pagan symbols. Our ancestors believed that keeping a black sun wheel or wold or phoenix symbol at heart will attract luck and protect from evil eye and forces.
In our store you will be able to choose a proper set of chain, cord and pendant. All the items look gorgeous and brutal. Viking pendants are perfect unique gifts for men.
unusual gifts

Unique gifts for her

Women adore unique jewelry. Jewelry passion takes routes from the desire of a woman to attract opposite sex. As animals use their fur, birds use their feathers, the same women wear handmade jewelry to attract men.
Handmade unique gifts for her
The best unique gift for her will be a handmade bracelet or handmade necklace. We offer engravable bracelets. Moreover our masters will do any engraving for you, thus you will get a ready to give gift, without a need to address other masters to complete your gift mission.
If you like to present a unique jewelry set, then you will easily find a necklace, bracelet and a handmade ring crafted in a single ancient Viking style. Moreover we present unique jewelry with various pagan symbols. You will be able to complete a jewelry set in the meaning you like. For example, you can choose every item with sun symbols.

Unique gifts for him

Men adore performing their brutal force and power. Nothing can better present their inner force and nature than unique Viking pendants and rings wit dragons, raven, wolf symbols. Choose among ancient rings which look the same as Vikings wore centuries ago. Our masters craft every carve in an item to make it look like an ancient unit. All of the items in our store are handmade. Even two rings of a kind will look differently as it is impossible to completely replicate the features.
Handmade Unique gifts for him
Though men are not as keen on jewelry as women still our Viking workshop offers amazing brutal bracelets and even necklaces which will meet the taste even of the most skeptical man.

Why viking jewelry is the best choice for personalised gifts?

Viking Workshop offers only unique things for gifts for him and for her. Every item in the store is handcrafted and will present special meaning for its owner.
Unique handmade jewelry though being made from sterling silver is cheaper than golden pieces. 
The price of the items is much the same as the cost of useless souvenirs which will soon be forgotten. 
Handmade jewelry is a perfect choice, as all the items look gorgeous and will fit in the style. The units, though being symbolic, do not contradict religion or culture.
You can find out the genuine meaning of Viking symbols as kolovrat, black sun or triquetra on our website, or just buy a thing you like.
Handmade personalised gifts
In our Viking Workshop you will find not only decorated rings, necklaces and bracelets. There are numerous just ornamented items as rings with ancient traditional ornaments. Such rings will perfectly fit into any lifestyle and will be memorable.
Choosing one of the items from unique jewelry store you can be sure that your dear person will always have your gift at heart and will remember the person who gave that gift.