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Features of precious stones and their characteristics, care. What stones can we insert? 

Nature’s most extraordinary treasures, including diamonds, rubies, and sapphires were formed with a help of truly natural magic and their mission is to shine brightly on our planet. These precious stones became a real labor of love and tenderness for us, that’s why we want to create something magical from them. Each of our products becomes a real piece of art, a real masterpiece in the hands of our masters,  which allows unique gemstones to shine throughout the years.  

How to take care of your gemstones?

We recommend you clean your jewelry professionally once a year. To do this, you can give your jewelry to the nearest jeweler.

Also, we do not recommend you to store your accessories in one place, because they may scratch when touched. You should keep each piece separate from each other. It is better to store your jewelry in original VARVAR packaging, they will keep the good look of your treasures for as long as possible.

You should avoid exposure to household chemicals, dry air, chlorine, high temperatures, perfumes, cosmetics, and products that contain sulfur. Also, you should avoid hitting hard surfaces with them, because even a diamond,  the hardest material on Earth, can crack.

Here at VARVAR we purchase gemstones from the best suppliers. They are tested for quality, beauty, and durability. In the end, we choose only these one that matches our high standards of color, clarity. Below you can see a table that describes the types of stones, what kind of care they need, and their strength according to the Mohs scale.

SpeciesGemstone careGem hardness on the Mohs scale
AmethystBasic jewelry care7
CitrineBasic jewelry care7
DiamondBasic jewelry care10
EmeraldDo not use ultrasonic cleaning. Avoid sudden temperature changes, abrasives and contact with cosmetics, hairspray, perfume or household chemicals7.5 – 8
GarnetBasic jewelry care8
RubyBasic jewelry care9
SapphireBasic jewelry care9
TopazBasic jewelry care8

How to order?

Each VARVAR product has different variants of a gem cut. For example, for one ring you need a stone with a diameter of 2 millimeters, when another one needs a stone with a diameter of 5 millimeters. 

But especially for you, we can install a stone of any diameter into your accessories. 

If you want to order jewelry with a specific precious stone:

At first, you need to choose a piece of jewelry that you would like to purchase 

After that, you should visit the product page and select the type of stone in the options. The price for it will automatically increase depending on the type of stone you choose.

When you are done with a previous step add the jewelry to your cart and buy.


Then the VARVAR masters step in. The best jewelers from Kyiv create your unique masterpiece from 2 to 5 working days.

Your order is made by the best craftsmen who have studied the skill of inserting stones for a really long time. To be confident, you can request a certificate that confirms the authenticity of the stones. If necessary, we will send you this certificate by email.

Important information: by default, all our stone jewelry is crafted with cubic zirconia. It is not a gem (it is synthetic).