18K White Gold Draupnir Odin Ring Viking Jewelry
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The unique Gold Draupnir Ring for sale from viking-workshop - the power of the All-Father Odin in an exquisite jewelry itemIn the Viking mythology Draupnir is a magical golden ring that was presented to the god Odin by dwarves Brokkr and Eitri (Sindr..
Draupnir Sterling Silver Viking Ring
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Draupnir - one of the greatest artifacts of Norse mythology now in your personal collection!Norse mythology is rich in various artifacts, causing great interest among historians, archaeologists and ordinary people around the world. And we are talking..
Odin Allfather Sterling Silver Unique Viking Ring Norse Jewelry
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Odin Allfather Ring jewelry - an essential attribute of true VikingsOdin is the supreme god of Asgard, the father and the leader of ├Žsir. He was also the god of war and victory, the master of Valhalla and the patron of the military aristocracy. Odin ..
Viking Ring Sterling Silver Scandinavian Ring Norse Jewelry
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Throughout the history of mankind, rings have always been among the most popular jewelry items. The ring symbolizes the cycle of life and death, the universe and eternity! Rings depicting popular Black Sun, Vegvesir, and Valknut symbols are universal..
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The majestic and unique Odin ring jewelry is for real fans of the great Vikings

Odin is the supreme god in the Viking mythology, the god of war and victory, the ruler of Valhalla. The ancient Vikings wore Odin rings with runes (Draupnir) for protection against enemies, the accumulation of physical strength and maintaining the connection with the universe. Odin was also considered the patron saint of soldiers and sailors. The ring contained twenty-four runes defining the essence of the universe. Together they form a runic circle, that helps to accumulate the energy for new undertakings. Ancient Vikings believed that the Odin ring with runes would make its wearer invulnerable by forming a close relationship with the deity, very similar in essence to the slavic ring.

Online store viking-workshop.com offers you top quality and unique custom-made Odin rings made of noble materials: white 18-carat gold and sterling silver

Odin raven ring is a unique charm and elegant piece of jewelry for extraordinary people

Raven is a symbol of death in the Viking mythology. However, a person wearing the odin raven ring would be granted protection against bad luck, evil eye and jinx. Vikings revered the raven and would wear jewels featuring its image before a battle, a long dangerous voyage, or hunting.

The pride of our craftsmen: magnificent 18-carat gold Odin ring with the finest engraving. The item can be made to order, and delivered to any place in the United States and Canada.

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