Celtic Ornament Ring Sterling Silver Handcrafted Celtic Jewelry
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Celtic ornament ring is a unique gift for a real man In those days, the amulets and rings had a unique pattern featuring a complex knot. It was believed that if you put on such an adornment, you can win any battle. It also kept healthy and shielded ..
Unique Handcrafted Ornament Ring Sterling Silver Viking Jewelry
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Unique Handcrafted Ornament Ring Sterling Silver Viking JewelryUnique handmade ringMade-to-order (you'll get the ring which is made individually with your size)Branded boxWorldwide shipping + Tracking numberCareful packagingMetal: 925 silver, sterlin..
14K Gold Celtic Ornament Ring Handmade Celtic Ring
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14K Gold Celtic Ornament Ring Handmade Celtic Ring Unique handmade ring Made-to-order (you'll get the ring which is made individually with your size) Branded box Worldwide shipping + Tracking number Careful packaging Metal: ..
Celtic Ornament Ring Handmade Sterling Silver Celtic Ring
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Beautiful Viking ring The Vikings were fond of wearing jewelry. It symbolized power, indicated the status, thus distinguishing its owner from the rest of the people. Earlier on, all the rings and signets were made by hand with each one being unique...
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Looking for unique jewelry for a wedding ceremony? Want to surprise your soul mate and make the ceremony unforgettable? Sometimes it is not enough just to spend a lot of money on the official part of the event. It is equally important for the whole process to have wedding jewelry pieces that will stay with the lovers throughout their life, symbolizing the union of two kindred souls.

A wide choice of jewelry from viking-workshop.com

Here you can find the jewelry sets including:

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The available designs are stylizations of popular jewelry of Vikings, who believed that marriage is effected by the supreme deities. For the sake of their families, the brave Vikings went on long voyages, conquered new lands, and dauntlessly went into battle with any foe.

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wedding jewelry online canada with delivery to Canadaand US

Viking wedding jewelry pieces mean protection for the whole family

Viking wedding rings are decorated with runes to protect from curses, ailments and bad luck. The items help accumulate positive energy within the family, strengthen the family ties and salvage the marriage.

Jewelry store viking-workshop.com offers its customers gold, silver and bronze Viking rings. Here you can also order genuine wedding bracelets, pendants and earrings.

For more information, use one of the following methods of communication:

E-mail: workshopviking@gmail.com

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