Inside Circumference (MM) Sizes (US & Canada)
49.32 5
49.95 5 1/4
50.58 5 1/2
51.21 5 3/4
51.87 6
52.50 6 1/4
53.16 6 1/2
53.82 6 3/4
54.51 7
54.82 7 1/4
55.76 7 1/2
56.45 7 3/4
57.15 8
57.65 8 1/4
58.21 8 1/2
58.72 8 3/4
59.34 9
60.38 9 1/4
60.98 9 1/2
61.64 9 3/4
62.33 10
62.89 10 1/4
63.46 10 1/2
64.21 10 3/4
64.97 11
65.50 11 1/4
66.22 11 1/2
66.73 11 3/4
67.51 12
68.14 12 1/4
68.77 12 1/2
69.43 12 3/4
70.15 13
71.00 13.5
71.7 13 3/4
72.3 14
72.9 14 1/4
73.6 14 1/2
74.2 14 3/4
74.8 15
Collection Viking Workshop

Viking Bracelet with Wolf Tips Sterling Silver Handmade Norse Jewelry

  • Product Code: viking-bracelet
  • Availability: Made to order
Size guide
  • $99.00


Luxury silver bracelet for buyers from around the world

When creating Viking Bracelet with Wolf Tips Sterling Silver Handmade Norse Jewelry viking-workshop was adhering to the historical notes about the Vikings being the greatest warriors of all time. They were distinguished not only by their bravery and cruelty to their enemies, but also by many other worthy qualities that are inherent in the real wolves.

If you also admire these powerful animals or want to emphasize the qualities attributed to them in your own character, you can buy Viking Bracelet with Wolf Tips Sterling Silver Handmade Norse Jewelry. This item is perfect for both men and women, and together with the branded box coming with this piece of jewelry, it can be a great gift to a loved one!

Gather stylish collection of accessories

In our catalogs, you can find a variety of other jewelry, including pendants with a wolf, or a suitable ring. Each of such handicrafts can be ordered singly or together. In addition, the customer may choose the material and size of the item (in case if it is a ring) and receive an individualized piece of jewelry.

Classical approach to the manufacture of jewelry

With an eye to ensure that our products meet the desires of each customer and are durable, we use only traditional technology for all jewelry manufacturing. Each piece of it is made by hands of the best craftsmen of our workshop exclusively on the made-to-order basis. In the catalog you can order Viking Bracelet with Wolf Tips Sterling Silver Handmade Norse Jewelry not only made of silver but also more expensive option made of 14-carat gold. You can combine this bracelet with a chain made in the same style.

Viking Bracelet with Wolf Tips Sterling Silver Handmade Norse Jewelry

Super beautiful handmade chain with silver wolf heads tips and Viking Axe pendant

  • Unique handmade set
  • Made-to-order (you'll get the set which is made individually
  • Branded box
  • Worldwide shipping + Tracking number
  • Careful packaging
  • Metal: 925 silver
  • Bracelet weight: approx. 23 g (depends on size)
  • Bracelet length: 190 mm (can be changed to any length you need)
  • Bracelet diameter: 4 mm

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