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NEW 925 Silver Hummingbird pendant with Clear gems, unique fashion Jewelry
NEW 925 Silver Ring with Lion and Leaves, Unique handcrafted jewelry
NEW Bird Sterling Silver Animal Ring Unique Jewelry
NEW Celtic Wolf Bronze Pendant Viking Amulet
NEW Celtic Wolf Sterling Silver Pendant Pagan Amulet
NEW Dragon Claw Sterling Silver Pagan Ring
NEW Dragon Paw Ring Sterling Silver Ring Handcrafted Pagan Jewelry
NEW Fox Pendant Bronze Animal Amulet
NEW Handcrafted 925 silver Pinguin ring with clear gems, unique animal fashion jewelry
NEW Horse Sterling Silver Pendant Animal Amulet
NEW Huginn and Muninn Bronze Pendant Odin's Ravens Viking Amulet
NEW Lion Sterling Silver Animal Ring Handcrafted Jewelry
NEW Lunula Pendant Sterling Silver Female Necklace with Raven Symbol
NEW Ouroboros Sterling Silver Pendant Viking Amulet
NEW Ram Skull Ring Sterling Silver Unique Animal Jewelry
NEW Ram Sterling Silver Pendant Animal Amulet